Poland calls the whole world to protest against mandatory vaccination June 3rd, 2017

Welcome to Poland

A country where a newborn is given high-risk vaccine against tuberculosis ? the very one that Germany withdrew 18 years ago!  (1)

Country where even premature babies are vaccinated against hepatitis B due to the fact that hygiene standards in medical facilities are notoriously neglected. Newborns are offered a cheap, Korean vaccine used nowhere else in Europe! (2)

Country that continues to use a high risk, whole cell vaccine against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis already withdrawn in other European countries. (3)

Country where the tender for the pneumococcal vaccine is won by a pharmaceutical company that previously employed the Deputy Minister of Health. (4)

Country where children are injected with vaccines never legally approved for the given market ? only by applying the regulations on ? pandemic. (5)

Country where parents are charged a huge penalty fine if refusing to inject their child with the above `goodness`.  (6)

The country, that didn’t ratify the bioethics Committee and lets testing the biggest amount of vaccines in whole Europe, on it’s citizens. (7)

A country where the government and corporations censor public television shows where families of vaccine-injured children were allowed to tell their story. (8)

Country where doctors are punished for informing patients on side effects of pharmaceutical products. (9)

Country where doctors are unable to recognize vaccine adverse reaction and its consequences. (10)

Country that has the highest child-immunization rate in the world and yet the lowest number of doctors vaccinated against flu.  (11) (12)

Country where the only excuse allowing not to vaccinate a child is their death. (13)

Country where the only vaccine exemption is death. Country where pharmaceutical companies sponsor media campaigns aiming to turn the society against the real advocates of patients? rights and do so by introducing fake epidemics! (14)

Country where the Sanitary Chief Officer performs a rap song mocking the victims of system?s negligence. (15) (16)

Country where the dangerous oral polio vaccine is forced to be used up till the end of stocks AFTER it was given the status ?for immediate withdrawal.? (17) (18)

Country where there is no compensation program for the victims and doctors and officials are above the law. (19)

POLAND ? a country where you can go to jail if you issue a petition which calls for a change of the abovementioned irregulaties. (20)

JOIN THE PROTEST! (email us: stopnop@gmail.com) 

Sign the petition: Respect, promote and protect freedom of informed vaccination consent throughout Europe

June 3 – International Vaccine Injury Awareness Day

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